COLOMBIA Wbeimar Lasso


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In 2009, Wbeimar Lasso earned the title of Colombia's first coffee cupping champion, establishing his expertise in discerning exceptional coffee. In 2016, Wbeimar and his wife, Juliana, established Terra Coffee, an organization dedicated to cultivating premium coffees in collaboration with carefully selected producers in the Nariño and Huila departments. This initiative not only improved producers' access to global markets but also secures higher prices for their coffee.


Taking a significant step forward in 2018, Wbeimar and Juliana acquired their own coffee estate, named Las Terrazas (The Terraces), situated in Huila. The Caturra lot from this estate undergoes a meticulous process, including a 22-hour wet fermentation before pulping, resulting in a coffee with exceptional sweetness and juiciness.