GUATEMALA EL CARRIZAL (light/medium roast)


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Carlos Durán Matias, the dynamic force behind the family legacy, not only inherited the farm with his siblings but passionately takes the reins as its dedicated manager. Nestled in the heart of history, this farm stands as one of the oldest in the region, evolving from its humble beginnings of 20 manzanas (approximately 14 hectares) to its current impressive size of 31 hectares.

What sets this agricultural gem apart are its prized varieties. Typica, Bourbon, and Caturra curated for excellence, as enthusiastically explained by Carlos. The farm boasts a rich tapestry of production, featuring not only the thriving coffee plants but also a lush assortment of fruit trees and carefully cultivated timber resources. Carlos, with an infectious enthusiasm, emphasises that this lot undergoes a meticulously detailed process in the on-site wet mill—a small yet mighty facility that surpasses all quality standards and meticulous selection requirements.

As the sun graces the patios, the culmination of Carlos's dedication unfolds—every coffee bean basks in the natural radiance of sundrying, further enhancing the exceptional quality that defines this remarkable estate.