Puck Puck - Aeropress Attachment


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Using nothing but gravity, the dripper will yield around 500 ml of slow-drip cold brew coffee in two and a half to three hours.

Adjusting the valve allows you to control the speed of your brew in line with your taste preferences and urgency. PuckPuck’s brewing guide states that you should aim for a drip rate of around 50 drops per minute in order to get the best results—this will take a three hour run time. But how will you know if you are hitting 50 drops per minute? Enter the PuckPuck app.

In a move which takes coffee geekery to the next level, PuckPuck comes with an app that allows you to easily calculate your drip rate.

Cold brew typically has a high sweetness and incredibly low acidity, making it a perfect pick me up for any time of day.